Dr. Rafiq Hamdi

Meteorological and Climatological Researcher at Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, Member of IPCC / of the summary for urban policymakers (SUP)

Civil engineer in meteorology in June 2000 at Météo-France (Toulouse, France). Master’s degree (DEA) at Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) in June 2002, followed by a PhD in 2005 at the Institut d’Astronomie et de géophysique G. Lemaître in the field of urban meteorology. Rafiq Hamdi is working at the research department of the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium since December 2005. He is lead author for the IPCC AR6 report published in august 2021. In August 2019 he was contributing author for the latest IPCC special report on climate change and land (SRCCL, 2019). In November 2022, he was lead author of the summary for urban policymakers (SUP) IPCC report.