Dr. Samir Mohamad Saleh Al-Kotob

Senior Advisory Engineer, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

Since he joined the Arab Fund in 1999, Dr. Al-Kotob appraised and led the Fund’s financing of major power generating stations, power transmission systems, interconnections, control centers and rural electrification projects in eight Arab countries. He participated in drafting several Arab Fund papers and reports on interconnections, renewable energy, and privatization. Before joining the Fund, in the period 1978-1999, Dr. Al-Kotob held several research positions, at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific research, including department managers and senior research scientist. He authored and co- authored 48 refereed publications and conference papers. He earned his Bachelor and Ph. D degrees in Electrical Engineering, respectively, in years 1971 and 1976 from the American University of Beirut and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.